Random Thoughts

If I were coming up with the ultimate polish collection, it'd be called the American Cities Collection - 50 colors representing all 50 states.

As I come up with them, I'll add them here.  If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!  You can leave them on the contact page :)

1. New Brown-swick, NJ
2. Arling-tan, VA
3. San Francis-cobalt, CA
4. Orla-vender, FL
5. Char-latte, NC
6. Pitts-burgundy, PA
7. Amaril-lime, TX
8. Cocoa-lumbus, OH
9. Dover the Rainbow, DE
10. Boi-seafoam, ID
11. Balti-mauve, MD
12. Alba-neon, NY
13. Chica-gold, IL
14. Too-pink-a, KS
15. Honey-lulu, HI
16. Ancho-red, AK
17. Chocolate Chip-pewa Falls, WI